How to Choose : Circular Saw Blades

All of our circular saw blades are TCT          

TCT Blades are most Premium blades for circular saws, as they stay sharp for longer period of time. An added advantage with these blades is that their tips can be replaced if broken or lost, they can also be sharpened giving you the most value for money and longest lasting blade. These are properly hardened and tempered to work for a long life compared to other material blades.

Teeth per Blade (T)

The number of saw teeth per blade primarily changes how fast the saw cuts and the quality of the cut.

A blade with less teeth is best used for framing and rough cuts were speed it more important then a clean cut.

A blade with a lot of teeth will leave behind much cleaner surfaces near the cut were a clean finish is needed. Each tooth takes a much smaller bit out of the material. This reduces tearout and makes ridges less pronounced.

The Teeth of circular saw blades ranges from 16 to 60.

  • 16-24 TPI Framing blades have less teeth and are effective for work — such as rough carpentry — where speed is more important than a clean cut.
  • 48-60T Fixing blades have more teeth and are effective for work, such as fine delicate carpentry, aluminium cutting and PVC cutting. For use where a clean cut is more important then speed.