How to Choose : Drill Driver Bits

All of our drill bits are s2 steel material  

S2 steel drill driver bits are most premium drill bits, S2 steel is used by all high end drill bit manufacturers, it is much stronger and longer lasting then CRV material or similar drill bits.

It is the hardest, most ductile(doesn’t lose strength), and longest wearing steel that exists in the hex tool industry.

Our drill bits are shockproof and designed for long term use and life with impact drivers. All drill bits have been heavily magnetised to assist holding your screws in those hard to reach spaces.

Shank of drill driver bits

The shank is the end of a drill bit inserted into the chuck of the drill. Our drill driver bits are all 1/4" hex shank. These are useable with all brands and models of chuck drills and all impact drivers.


Heads of drill driver bits

PH0 :  Phillips head used for the finest head Phillips head screws

PH1 : Phillips head used for smaller head Phillips head screws

PH2 : Phillips head used for standard head phillips head screws, it the most commonly used drill bit out of all the Phillips head drill bits

PH3 : Phillips head used for larger head Phillips head screws

SQ2 : Square head used commonly use for decking screws 

H5 : Hex head used commonly for batten screws, TEK screws and decking screws

SL6 : Straight head used for straight head screws, straight head screws are typically used in older houses and are not as common now

TORX : TORX head used for is commonly used for mechanics or appliance repairs

Hex Sockets : Hex Sockets used for roofing screws or smaller nuts and bolts

Allen Key : Allen Key used to replace your standard allen keys and complete the job with speed