Panel Clamps Butt Welding Clips - Set of 8

Direct Hardware


For precision butt welding and edge to edge welding.
Maintain 0.040 inches gap between panel to edge soldering.
Suitable for straight panels or curved panels.
The welding clamps are made of galvanized steel, rustproof, heat resistant and durable.

Simple structure, easy to install or remove.
A set of great clamps for any welding kit!
These handy clamps are Ideal when welding patch repairs in floors, wings, door skins or when assembling fabricated panels on re-skinning projects.

Set of 8 welding clamps

Details :
- Material: Steel (Galvanized)
- Single Weight: 67g
- Color: Silver(As pictured)
- Quantity: 8
- Uses: Welding
- Target: Metal
- Welding principle: Butt Welding
- Clamp Thickness: 0.04"(Approx.)
- Clamping Height: 1"(Approx.)
- Clamping Length: 1"(Approx.)
- Clamping Width: 1"(Approx.)