Butyl Sound Deadener 8M x 500mm Rolls

Direct Hardware


Each Roll measures 8M Long x 500mm Wide and is 2.2mm thick

1 Roll will cover 4 Square Meters

Stage 1 sound deadening with silver aluminium front layer and adhesive backing
High Quality Super Adhesive Butyl layer

- Thickness : 2.2mm
- Length : 8000mm
- Width : 500mm
- Weight per roll : 16KG
- Working temperature : -45°C to +150°C
- Warranty : LIFETIME 

Each roll consists of a 2.2mm layer of SOUND/VIBRATION deadening butyl layer
which absorbs and insulates vibrations and sound waves.

Keeps road and ambient noise out of your cars cabin.
Great for overall ride quality and reduce interference to your sound system.

Super easy to install!
Can be easily molded to the shape of car floor pans, inner doors and parcel shelves.
Can be simply cut with a blade! No other tools required at all!

Before use it is best to leave the roll in the sun for 5 minutes to heat up before applying

Postage is free to Metro areas