Half Size Compact Garden Umbrella (Blue)

Direct Hardware


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Perfect for use in shop fronts or small areas where you just can't fit a full-sized umbrella

  • Umbrella has a crank winder to open and close the umbrella
  • We have 3 colour options (Black / Cream / Blue)
  • Black powder-coated pole
  • Two saddle brackets with screws are included
  • They are designed to wrap tightly around poles so are slightly shorter
  • 200g waterproof polyester with UV coating

Dimensions :

  • Total height: 2250mm (Pole can be cut to shorter lengths as required)
  • Pole diameter : 38mm
  • Umbrella size :
    • Width : 2450mm
    • Length : 1250mm

Please Note : Always ensure the umbrella is secure when mounted or put in the ground.

Installation: For wall mounting, begin by mounting spacer blocks of your choice to the desired wall (these will provide required clearance for the winder mechanism to operate). Then using the supplied brackets, secure the umbrella pole to the spacing blocks.

We also stock OPTIONAL weighted bases for these umbrellas if required.